Cross Roads Bar & Café (CRBC) recognizes it responsibility
to protect the copyrights of those who publish their work
and offers a good neighbor policy as set forth below:
CRBC grants permission for the use of it’s own copyrighted material to the general public for non-commercial use only. All non-commercial use of CRBC copyrighted material should be credited if disseminated.
Friends and affiliates as appearing on the CRBC Friends web page, and others from time to time, may use CRBC’s copyrighted content without credit for commercial use so long as there remains a free exchange of information between both parties. The soul purpose of said exchange being to further the interests of CRBC as a venue for musical entertainment and increase public awareness of CRBC’s friends and affiliates.
Any objections to this agreement, requests for exclusion or perception of copyright infringement should be directed to:

This agreement can be modified or withdrawn by CRBC at any time without notice.

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